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We are an SEO digital agency that understands SEO isn’t just about optimising your website for search engines. It’s about optimising your website with your customers in mind. Ensuring that your website provides your visitors with information that they are looking for will guarantee results for your business.

What is SEO Marketing?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is synonymous with your company’s success if done well. It’s a crucial component of any business strategy. 

Our SEO team of experts are constantly adapting to an ever-changing search landscape to help you remain competitive in the SEO space, let alone dominate it. 

We use our proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) system that has been developed to a refined and data-driven methodology to organic search marketing, consistently outperforming the industry benchmark for our clients. We only focus on return on investment over vanity metrics like “rankings and traffic”, meaning that your business benefits.  

Our SEO results are tangible bottom-line results, not just inflated numbers on a screen. We never celebrate by being on page one for a particular keyword, if those visitors aren’t converting. Instead, SEO is viewed as a vehicle to the rest of the digital marketing mix. 

Digital Beanstalk delivers effective and ethical SEO services to businesses in the UK. There is no better healthcare marketing agency to trust with your digital marketing spend. 

``Why do I need SEO?``

SEO in business is very important, and you need to understand that. You may learn this the easy or the hard way, either way, it’s not optional when it comes to success in medical marketing.

We partner with companies that want to dominate in their niche, and whether it’s Digital Beanstalk or another agency like ours, all those top search result spots in your niche will be filled by your competitors and it’ll be hard for you to beat them.

So let’s explain what we mean.

Search engines do two things:

  • They crawl the web to build a database of web pages they find.
  • They then provide these web pages on their search engine list, ranking them by relevance.

When you perform a search on a search engine, it will scan through it’s large database of web pages to deliver a search engine results page (SERP) ranked by relevance and popularity. So, the more relevant your web page is to a search result, the higher it will rank and the more people you will have clicking on it, resulting in more traffic to your site.

Search engines like Google use algorithms that asses countless variables, also known as search signals, to determine how well your web page answers a users search query – how relevant your web page is to the search query.  Then it ranks your web page against the number of websites that link to you – it’s popularity on the web.

You’ll find that the large majority of website traffic comes from three major search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Ensuring that you have visibility on these search engines will not only increase your website traffic, it will also help you attract more customers and grow your revenue unlike any other form of digital marketing. That’s why investing in SEO marketing is important for your business, especially if you want to get an exceptional return on investment.

Our Approach

Purely Strategy and execution. These two factors are fundamental to our approach to SEO. We personalise this to your business to grow your organic Google footprint and to help develop your integrated marketing plan overall.

We know you are different, every client is. Our SEO research team spend a lot of time getting to know you, your business, competitors, goals and the market you exist in to completely understand what is valuable to your business and customers. We do this long before you engage in our services.

Once our focus is aligned and success metrics have been agreed on, we work to bring your bespoke SEO strategy to life. Coupled with our proprietary mix of AI (artificial intelligence), analytics and SEO optimisation tools, your business will have one of the UK’s most advanced healthcare SEO marketing teams working to build a foundation for your company’s success online.

Technical SEO

We develop a fine-tuned approach to the SEO discipline. Search engines evolve day-to-day, therefore, so do we.

Mobile-first Strategy

78% of people will read this piece of text on a mobile device. We are prepared for this, are you?

Penalty Recovery

Our proven SEO growth tactics work to make sure you enter and stay on the right side of Google.

Hyper-Local SEO

We work to improve your brand visibility and elevate your medical company above competitors by going after niche search terms.

Site Migration

Transitioning from one site to another can be a technical pain. Leave it with us and we'll help you avoid negatively impacting your search rankings.

Content Strategy

We develop content knowing that this is the foundation of having a strong organic search strategy. Our in-house content writers are extra skilled at this and some of the industry's brightest.

Competitive Auditing

We conduct a fully-comprehensive competitive analysis to help us understand your competitors, and even those you may not consider being competitors. We use this data to influence the success of your healthcare SEO strategy, ensuring that you stay ahead of the game.

Consistent High Performance

Return on investment is at the heart of everything we do. Nothing else matters if we are providing your business with a positive ROI. Therefore we make sure our reporting system details everything that you need to know, above a typical ranking and traffic report.

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