How Using Social Proof Can Help to Boost Your Medical Brand

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Successful medical companies have realised that social proof is the gateway to a huge potential for growth. By using a variety of tactics, you can influence decision making behaviour with positive social proof that ultimately increases your patient base.

We have written this blog post to show you what social proof is, and how you can begin to use social proof to grow your medical comapny.

By the end of this article, you will be backed with the knowledge you need to nail social proof in your marketing strategy.

Let’s get started.

So, what is social proof?

Before we show you how to use social proof to grow your business, it’s imortant that you understand what social proof is as a concept.

Social proof is also known as ‘social influence’. This refers to your potential patients assuming that the actions of others are correct, based on the freuquency that they see those actions.

Let’s apply the above to an example:

You are walking down the high-street and you come across a restaurant filled with people who are all enjoying their meal. Due to the number of people enjoying their meal, you are more than likely to think that the restaurant serves high-quality food.

This example is a demonstration of social proof in action. Seeing other consumers engaging with a popular product or service, so you automatically assume that the product or service must be good.

The Psychology Behind Social Proof

As we mentioned above social proof is looking to others to determine the right decision to make in an unknown situation. 

There are 4 principles of social proof that can affect the way we make decisions:

  • Uncertainty: this refers to how we look to other people’s reactions to a situations that we are unsure about.  
  • Similarity: this refers to looking to the reaction to an unfamiliar situation from those who share the same values
  • Expertise: patients are more likely to look to their doctors for signals of how to react in uncertain circumstances. This is a type of social proof where individuals with more knowledge about a situation lead the reaction of the rest.
  • Number: this covers a group of people that are experiencing the same uncertainty together, and are lead by the reactions of the majority.

What Can Social Proof Do For Your Medical Company

Incorporating social proof into your marketing efforts can help your medical company grow, resulting in an increase in sales.

Above, we demonstrated how social proof can be used to positively influence the decision-making behaviour of potential patients.

It is worth noting quite early in this blog post that the common theme to social proof is your patient’s feedback. This is critical.

According to Testimonial Engine, 72% of customers don’t take action until they have read reviews. This statistic demonstrates the necessity for visible patient feedback for your services. It helps to prove your medical company’s legitimacy and showcases the service quality.  

The sentiment of your reviews will also help potential patients to gain an understanding about the quality of your services. 

As a healthcare professional who is looking to build social proof for their medical company, patient reviews are a simple solution which can generate long-term benefits for your medical company. Thankfully, there are various tools which you can use to leverage patient reviews, and build the social proof for your medical company.

How to Use Social Proof to Build Patient Trust

Potentia patients are often unwilling to trust medical providers over real honest experiences from actual patients who have used the services. That’s why it’s so essential to make your medical company reviews available for everyone to see.

After searching “cosmetic dentist” in Google, this company’s reviews page popped up first.

Reviews are a great example of social proof as it helps put potential patients at ease.

Building Trust Using Social Proof

To show you just how important social proof is for your medical company and how it helps to build trust, we have sourced mind-blowing social proof statistics:

  • 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations. 
  • 73% of customers value the written review over the overall star rating.
  • 68% of consumers look for either information on the reviewer’s experience, or problems the reviewer experienced when reading reviews.
  • Only 3% of decision makers say that reviews never factor into their decision making.
  • 73% of consumers trust a local business more after reading positive reviews.
  • 54% of consumers visit a local business’s website after reading a positive review.
  • In 2018, 40% of consumers would only take into account local reviews written within the past two weeks. 

Use Social Proof to Validate and Simplify Patients’ Decision Making

It’s hard to make decisions when the market is saturated with so many options. The number of choices often put patients into decision paralysis.

Often, reading reviews and testimonials are what push people towards making their final decision.

Decision Making Social Proof Statistics:

How a Blog Can Help with Social Proof

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