How to Create a Squeeze Page That Converts Visitors to Customers

Squeeze Page

The most powerful marketing channel used in a lead generation campaign to grow a business is email marketing. Email marketing is vitally important in converting subscribers on your list into customers of your business.

Building a targeted email list is actually quite simple, and to show you just how simple, we have created this guide to help you create a page that sits on your website with the sole purpose of growing your email list – a ‘squeeze page’. 

Squeeze pages are not only very effective in achieving your goal to increase your email list, they are also exciting to create and very engaging for your site visitors to navigate through – if built correctly.

What Is a Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page is a purpose-built page designed to collect visitor information.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating A Squeeze Page

Creating a highly effective squeeze page that converts site visitors is very simple.

In this 6-step guide, we are going to walk you through how to create a squeeze page, from start to finish.

Let’s get started:

1. Create Your Irresistible Offer

Before you even consider the design of your squeeze page, you need to create something of value that you will offer your site visitors in exchange for their email address – a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is usually in the format of a digital download like a free report, eBook, white-paper, a PDF checklist or something similar.

Be sure to refer to your patient personas when developing the ideas for your lead magnet as the personas will give you an idea of your audience’s values, challenges and frustrations, interests etc, that will help you to make sure that your offer is enticing.

Next, create your lead magnet always ensuring that it is irresistible to compel your site visitor to give you their contact details in exchange for it. 

A rehab facility offers their site visitors a lead magnet of 7 Things To Do Before a Joint ReplacementIt is clear that research has been taken before producing the guide and it is exactly what their audience would exchange their contact details for. 

rehab centre lead magnet

So, what can you offer your visitors? Once you have an idea of what you plan to offer, you can go ahead and create your lead magnet.

Now, that your lead magnet is ready to go, you’re ready to start creating your squeeze page.

2. Develop Your Killer Headline

The headline will be the very first thing that visitors will notice when they land on your squeeze page.

If you want to grab your visitor’s attention, you need to make sure that your headline clearly displays a benefit. This means that your headline needs to clearly inform your reader of the key benefit that they will get by downloading your lead magnet.

Here is a great example of a headline that displays the key benefit from Impact:

The headline is attention-grabbing with an instantly clear benefit.

You must make sure that your headline communicates the benefit of your lead magnet, otherwise visitors aren’t going to exchange their details for it and you will miss out on a lot of leads.

3. Write a Compelling Supporting Headline

You may find that some site visitors may be captured by the headline, but are not quite ready to exchange their details with you just yet. Therefore, these visitors will need a compelling sub-headline.

The listing labs did a fantastic job with their headline, but for those who weren’t convinced, the supporting headline secured their interest.

4. Select the Right Image or Video to Display Your Offer

Our first recommendation is to include a 3 – 5 minute video on your squeeze page. This is because, including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%.

Did you also know that 50% of viewers aged 18-34 said they would stop what they were doing to watch a video? It’s clear that people find videos to be very enegaging as videos help to increase the time spent on a website by 2.6x

If you don’t have a video, don’t despair. You can use an image that fits in with your squeeze page’s design. Use an image that shows the visitor the lead magnet that they will be getting once they exchange their details.  

Here’s an example of one of our squeeze pages.

5. Include Social Proof

Social proof are testimonials or reviews from your current satisfied past customers. This is a must to include on your landing pages if you are looking to convert site visitors quickly. 

Use testimonials that indicate the positive results your customers have received from using your products or services.

6. Create Your Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) is an element on your squeeze page that encourages your site visitor to take an action. Some examples include “Learn More”, “Download now” or “Book a Consultation”.

You need to make sure that your CTA is clear on what you require the site visitor to do. The stronger your CTA, the more likely a visitor will take the desired action. 

Here’s an example of a good call to action:

Call to action example

Once you have successfully built your squeeze page, you need to connect to your email provider.

7. Connect to Your Email Provider

To collect email addresses, you need to create a form that integrates with your email marketing provider. 

IMPORTANT: You must make sure that your email is set up to send the lead magnet to subscribers that have exchanged their details with you.

8. And finally., Set Up Your Analytics To Track Your Results

The final step before publishing your brand new squeeze page is to set up your analytics to track how your squeeze page is performing. Having this set up will help to provide you with insightful information that you can use to make the necessary adjustments.  

We use Google Analytics for this. If you don’t have Google Analytics set up, read this article that explains how you can set it up.

So there you have it! Your squeeze page is ready to attract and convert site visitors to customers. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and a member of our team will get back to you. Or you can use the form on our contact us page.

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